Green Cosmos Koseme slow-release fertilizer 10-10-10

The Top Grade Of


NPK Radio: N10-P10-K10

Package Size: 500g/1kg

Period Of Validity: 3 years


IBDU is a type of slow-release fertilizer technology that’s designed to provide your plants with the nutrients they need over an extended period.

• Slow-released, Consistent Feeding: Traditional fertilizers give a big burst of nutrients all at once, which can sometimes be more than your plants can absorb. With IBDU, the nutrients are released slowly over time, ensuring your plants get consistent feeding.

• Less Wastage: Since the nutrients are released slowly, there’s less chance of them getting washed away by rain or irrigation. This means more of the nutrients you paid for end up benefiting your plants, not disappearing into the ground.

• Less Frequent Application: Because the nutrients are released over a longer period, you don’t need to apply IBDU fertilizers as often as traditional ones. That means less work for you and more time to enjoy your garden.

• Safer for Plants: Rapid influx of nutrients from regular fertilizers can sometimes cause harm to plants, leading to fertilizer burn or over-fertilization. With IBDU, the slow and steady nutrient release is gentler and safer for your plants.

• Regular formula
The three elements needed by plants, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are in a balanced mix(10:10:10). It’s suitable for all plants and requires no gardening or planting experience.

• Easy to use
Fertilize and count by your hand.